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About Us

Transformation…  It’s a word that’s thrown around a lot, but what does it really mean to live a transformed life? Our conviction is that Jesus Christ came to this earth not to make bad people good, but to make dead people live!!  The evidence of this that we see in our own lives and in the lives of others is captured in that word ‘transformation’.  We believe that this transformation, brought about by the sovereign grace of God, is seen and worked out in different spheres of our lives.  here are three we focus on at Emmnauel:

Transformation is life changing…

Nothing changes a life like a relationship with Jesus Christ. Too often we focus on external changes that are temporal. The Bible says that Jesus Christ desires not to change how we look or act primarily, but actually who we are. We can live in confidence of meaningfulness in this life and assurance of eternal life only through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Transformation takes place in community…
Our community of faith seeks to live out God’s radical calling to love him with the entirety of our being and to love our neighbor. Praise, honor and glory are bestowed on our Lord and Savior as we grow together into the people that God desires us to be.

Transformation affects our world…
Acts 1:8 definitively outlines our command to make God’s name famous through our words and obedience to his commands. This is carried out from our homes in St. Lawrence County, regionally across Northern NY and New England, to the very ends of the earth. Our goal is to be faithful in praying, cooperative giving and going from the ends of our noses to the end of the nations!

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